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2013 Corn Plot Trial Results

Posted Nov 8, 13 in Trial Results

Here are the 2013 Corn Plot Trial results.



2009 WNYCMA Corn Silage Trial Results

Posted Nov 12, 09 in Trial Results

The 2009 corn silage trial results are now available.  The following files contain two different methods for viewing them.

The first is a copy of our newsletter containing summary information and a comparison between yields on well-drained and marginally-drained soils.
Corn Trial Newsletter

The second contains a more detailed breakdown of all information we recorded, including plot specific analysis and more specific information about variety performance in various drainage conditions.  If you are having trouble viewing this file be sure to set the display size in your pdf reader to 100%
Corn Trial Results

Corn Silage Yield and Digestibility Trial 2008

Posted Nov 4, 08 in Trial Results

Every dairy farmer knows the importance of maximizing milk production while controlling input costs.  One method of achieving these goals is to increase the amount of forage fed in the ration. In order to make this change high quality forages and high forage yields are necessary. With this in mind we performed a corn silage yield and digestibility trial to provide a non-biased evaluation of leading available corn varieties. 

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