Soil Sampling

Technicians and scouts employed by the C.M.A. are trained to take soil samples with a focus on accurate results. They seek out unusual areas, grid sample to reflect soil type changes, and submit a representative specimen to the soil test laboratory for complete soil profile analysis so exact fertilizer needs can be ascertained.

A popular program offered by the C.M.A., grid pH testing, offers more detailed analysis. Each 1.25 acre area is tested with a hand held kit to measure pH. Through this method, poorer areas of the field can be pinpointed and subsequently corrected. Our GPS technology can be used for field pH mapping and variable rate field application of liming materials for accurate results. The C.M.A. also provides pre-side-dressing nitrogen tests (PSNT’s). These samples are collected on a timely basis and processed in the C.M.A. office so that immediate, accurate recommendations can be made for side-dressing nitrogen to each individual corn field.