We are proud to announce the release of our new web mapping platform.
Click Here to Try It out or go to

This site should work in all browsers on all devices including ios and windows phone, but it tends to perform best in Google Chrome.

If you have an android mobile device we have an app on the playstore.  Click Here to get it.

The instructions below are for usage of the website version of this service:

To use the webmap sign in using your google account.  If you have never signed in before you will be prompted for “Your Farm’s Secret Code” which can be obtained from any WNYCMA employee.  Once you have been connected to your farm’s information the map will zoom to your fields and make them visible.

The square button in the upper right hand corner is your layer list.  It allows you to toggle the display of various information such as satellite photos, manure setbacks, planned crop maps etc.

The magnifying glass is a search button.  Clicking on it will open a dialogue in which you can type part of a field name.  This will return a list with all of the fields that contain your query.  Clicking on one will take you to that field.

Clicking on a field in the map window brings up a popup menu that allows you to view recommendations, soil test results and interact with the notes layer.

Clicking outside of a field in the map window brings up a popup menu that allows you to interact with the notes layer.  The notes layer allows you to drop points on the map and share them with other users on your farm as well as WNYCMA staff.